Embodiment Coaching for Highly Sensitive People

Can you relate?

  • I become mentally, physically or emotionally overstimulated more easily than others
  • I sometimes struggle to adapt to changes and new environments
  • I have difficulty setting boundaries in my interactions and relationship with others
  • I tend to people-please as a way of avoid conflict
  • I often feel misunderstood, lonely and very different from other people
  • I was considered overly emotional, “too sensitive” or shy as a child
  • I have a tendency to overthink and dwell on negative thoughts
  • I have a strong sense of empathy that sometimes overwhelms and incapacitates me
  • I experience a lot of anxiety in social settings, even when I may feel extraverted
  • I struggle to find a sufficient self-care regimen that works for me

If so, you may be a Highly Sensitive Person.

What does it mean to be a Highly Sensitive Person?

HSP is the term coined by Elaine N. Aron, PhD to describe individuals with a trait called Sensory Processing Sensitivity. This trait is possessed by about 20% of the population across over 100 different species in the animal kingdom and describes the experience of those who have a unique level sensitivity to various forms of stimuli. Not sure if you are a Highly Sensitive Person? Take the free self-test here.

What’s the difference between a Sensitive and an HSP?

Sensitives may have a heighten awareness and responsiveness to certain stimuli which can be developed. “Highly Sensitive” is a personality trait that people are born with and involve a sensory processing sensitivity to all kinds of stimuli. What these two experiences share in common is a tendency towards a strong sense of empathy, intuition, self-awareness and intense emotional reactions to experiences. I assist those who identify as either.

What this means for you:

Are you a person who feels like their sensitivity is working against them?

If any of the bullet points above resonate with you, you could be experiencing an area or areas in your life where you are not entirely well or fulfilled. This can make us feel disembodied and lead to choices and circumstances that do not seem to honor or reflect the truth of who we are. Perhaps, we may feel challenged in understanding who we are at all. The good news is, we get to empower ourselves by leaning into self-exploration and receiving the support we deserve in order to align with our true nature and improve the perception of our natural abilities.

How will I support you?

As a fellow Highly Sensitive, I will meet you where you are and hold non-judgmental space for you as we explore the answers to the questions you have about yourself together. With the use of various embodiment tools, exercises and practical applications, we will assess your current patterns and navigate what to harness and what to release so you may cultivate an authentic life that you can enjoy.

Program Overview:

What will you receive?

We will meet for twelve 75-minute weekly support calls. Clients have unlimited text and Marco Polo support access with up to a 48-hour response time. Each week consists of specific theme-centered exercises and homework.

What will we focus on?

Together we will focus on analyzing your personal and world perception through the HSP lens; understanding the body and implementing my 4 Pillars of Wellness to develop a self-care strategy that meets your unique needs; establishing healthy and meaningful connections; connecting to and structuring your life around your pleasure center; using self-study materials to build awareness and formulate goals for positive change; and how to soothe difficult feelings and empower yourself through challenges.

Massage & Wellness Offerings

Currently serving the San Diego metro area and nearby cities. Text (619) 432-5636 to for a quote and to book.

Restorative Massage & Bodywork

The body is a database of our experience and tension patterns inform us about our defense mechanisms and how we are coping through life.

Book a relaxing massage which integrates the restorative power of energy work, guided breath and embodiment to calm the mind and release tension in the body.

1:1 appointments are currently held in-home. Price starts at $120 and varies by distance.

Embodied Yoga Sessions

Individual or group classes that combine yogic movement and embodiment meditation to enhance self-awareness and authentic expression.

Offered in the styles of Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga as desired by the client.

Appointments can be scheduled individually or in a package of 4 weekly sessions. In-person or virtually. Price varies by distance and group size.

Corporate Chair Massage

Add a touch of relaxation to your event or workplace with an on-site chair massage station.

Up to 20 minutes per person depending on volume.

A 2-hour booking minimum is required.