• Girl Gone “Spiritual”

    I come from a traditional Black Baptist background. Practically growing up in the church, I’ve done a lot to serve it. From dancing and singing to ushering and speaking, I was very involved and proud of it. Through 5th grade, I had only attended private Christian schools. When I began attending public school, I was… Read more

  • Warming Up for Yoga Practice

    Ever since I began posting my yoga journey on Instagram, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to start a practice. I usually suggest joining an online challenge or looking up YouTube videos of guided routines. There is also the option of going out on a limb and joining a class. I engaged in… Read more

  • Happiness Journey: An Introduction

    It seems, today, that everyone is trying to find their happiness in something. We strive towards the lives we think we want through our careers, relationships, and even health. Somewhere in the midst of all the grinding, we realize that with each promotion, new lover or pound lost, after the initial elation has faded, there… Read more