• Owning Personal Power from a Sensitive Standpoint

    Throughout life, we come to moments where we get to pivot and utilize everything we’ve been through as a crutch, or fuel for our power. Regardless of how difficult the challenges prove themselves to be, it’s a matter of choice. Whether it’s committing to a fitness goal, selecting aligned partnerships, or breaking toxic generational patterns.… Read more

  • The One-Word Resolution

    A good friend of mine recently told me that she wasn’t so fond of the traditional approach to new year resolutions. She described it as sort of a stress-inducing list of high expectations to achieve that, perhaps, no longer even resonate as worth pursuing as the year goes on. I’m apt to agree with her… Read more

  • The Path to Peace is Chaos

    I’m beginning to see things in such a way that perhaps there are no true enemies, or not as many as we may think. That instead our oppressors are our pathways. A link or thread in the complementary chain of existence. Woven and compressed together as the two faces of the same coin. Necessary oppositions… Read more

  • “Mirrors”

    Our “mirrors” (those who reflect aspects of us back to ourselves) aren’t necessarily cosmic punishment unless you choose to receive them that way. They’re an opportunity to see who we are from another point of view. They help us understand who we are and how we contribute to others’ life stories. They reveal and grant… Read more

  • What is “Somatics”?

    Over the last 50 years or so, the concept of somatics have grown in popularity in the U.S. Stemming from the Greek word soma, meaning “the body”, somatics refers to the field within bodywork and movement studies that stresses the importance of the mind-body connection. The term was coined by Thomas Hanna, a professor of… Read more

  • July 2021 Forecast & Self-Care Tips

    Here we are. Already more than half way through 2021 and so much has unfolded thus far. Time flies when your raising your vibration! WE’RE IN A 5 YEAR The numerological theme of 2021 is 5. We gather this by adding all the digits of the year together. Five represents change and our ability to… Read more