Owning Personal Power from a Sensitive Standpoint

Throughout life, we come to moments where we get to pivot and utilize everything we’ve been through as a crutch, or fuel for our power. Regardless of how difficult the challenges prove themselves to be, it’s a matter of choice. Whether it’s committing to a fitness goal, selecting aligned partnerships, or breaking toxic generational patterns. We get to choose to be consistent, practice discernment, or do the necessary work to release negative ideas about ourselves and the world around us. It is ultimately about what we choose to do and how we choose to show up while we’re doing it. Recognition of this is ownership.

For those of us who identify as Sensitive, we get to take ownership of how we stand in and wield our personal power. When criticized for our intensity, do we choose to shrink and make ourselves small for the convenience of everyone else, or do we stand boldly in our honest expression? Do we choose to explain away our uniqueness or move through life unapologetically? Do we honor meaningful connections that embrace us as we truly are, or do we choose to perform and meet others’ expectations of us? Do we set up our lives optimally for our constitution or do we punish ourselves for our limitations?

If you did not have access to an environment that valued vulnerability and deep connection, it is natural to feel resistance to this level of ownership. Also, how can one truly own that which we’ve never been granted the space or education to acknowledge? This is no easy obstacle to overcome. However, once the internal choice is made, it simply boils down to taking steps forward, no matter how big or small. In the words of a sister-friend, “Honor the doses.”

It is important to note that taking ownership doesn’t exactly remedy all negative feelings. There will certainly continue to be challenging days of doubt, sorrow, and setbacks throughout our lives. But, by building an energetic body that can persevere and hold the more confident versions of ourselves that we work to become, we will notice our ability to handle them differently. We just might even notice our growing ability to hold more. And while that may seem nearly impossible to some of us, perhaps it could be an opportunity to choose what we believe is possible.


2 thoughts on “Owning Personal Power from a Sensitive Standpoint

  1. love this
    Great post! It’s so important to recognize and choose how we stand in our personal power. I especially appreciate the emphasis on taking ownership and making choices that align with our true selves. My question is, what tips do you have for someone who may be struggling with recognizing and embracing their uniqueness? How can they take those first steps towards owning their personal power?

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    1. Great question, Johanna! An exercise you can start with is noticing your physical posture throughout the day. When you do, ask yourself if the stance or sitting position you’re primarily in is empowering or not. If it isn’t, make small efforts to change that and see what happens. For more in-depth support, I offer a 12-week program geared toward this very goal. I specialize in helping Highly Sensitive People but am open to supporting anyone who is ready to take the leap: https://brittneyshawnee.wordpress.com/coaching/

      Best wishes.


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