July 2021 Forecast & Self-Care Tips

Here we are. Already more than half way through 2021 and so much has unfolded thus far. Time flies when your raising your vibration!


The numerological theme of 2021 is 5. We gather this by adding all the digits of the year together. Five represents change and our ability to transform our thoughts, behaviors and, consequently, our lives. Yogic numerology specifically describes 5 as the representation of the Communicator archetype as well as our sense of authenticity and the well-being of the physical body.

As motifs around choosing our associations wisely and truthfully continue to peak on social media and real life, we may notice a nudge to become more militant about improving the conditions in which we regularly immerse ourselves as it relates to our overall state of joy and health. While this may not be the beginning of that journey for some of us, it is no coincidence as to why the urge to grow in this area may feel amplified.

Still, there are other numbers in the coming days to consider as we live out the current month. See video below:

Since we are in the 7th month, it will benefit us to engage in self-care that strengthens the 7th body. This is the auric body or the electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body. The health of the aura impacts our ability to be guided by our intuition and significant in the protection from the energetic imprints of others.

The auric body plays an important role in the stability of the immune system as well.



Drinking a lot of water, in particular, is cleansing to the physical body as well as the aura. Water’s ever-shifting nature can, also, change the energy of that which it comes in contact with. Therefore, water immersion can be healing as well.

Wear white.

The aura usually extends up to about 9 feet. However, the reflective nature of white not only balances the auric body but can increase its reach up to an additional 3 feet!

Ego work.

Kundalini yoga employs kriyas or spiritual exercises for unblocking and balancing our flow of energy, including the Ego Eradicator which supports the well-being of 7th body. Carrying out any inner work that help us tackle our feelings of insecurity and self-doubt is, also, beneficial for this body.


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