I’m Brittney Shawnee’ – Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, Embodiment Coach, and Highly Sensitive Person. I’m passionate about facilitating emotional wealth and holistic well-being as we experience it in the somatic body and in our relationship with others.

We each have something uniquely beautiful to bring to the world and much we can gain from it. However, limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits often stifle this beautiful exchange.

For 5+ years, I’ve helped numerous clients in their healing process using bodywork, yoga, meditation, and coaching.

As a bodyworker, I focus on deep relaxation and the mind-body connection. As a coach, I help fellow Highly Sensitive women and men cultivate a sense of emotional empowerment and learn how to leverage their unique sensitivity to create a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Massage & Bodywork Offerings

Enjoy a relaxing massage or an embodied movement session. All services are focused on holistic relief and emotional wellness as it is experienced in the body.

I specialize in working with fellow Highly Sensitive People and extend support to anyone ready to navigate deep emotions, embrace their sensitive nature, and empower themselves through the practice of self-care and authentic self-expression.

Join the Community

I invite you to join my growing community of HSPs/Sensitives and allies A Safe Space for Sensitives for live talks, resource sharing, gathering announcements, and community support.

Follow the Self-Care for Sensitives sharecast on Marco Polo for self-explorative tips, prompts, and stories.

Soul Body Circle

We take time to move and drop into our bodies with a specific intention that varies weekly. I will guide you through a mindfulness experience meant to reveal more of your inner story to you. 

The Awkward Aries Podcast

Charging heart-first into uncomfortable conversations about life and the human condition with Brittney Shawnee’ and her special guests.