Hello, I’m Brittney – Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Embodiment Coach. I hold space for fellow Highly Sensitives People to fully process their emotions, embrace their true nature, and empower themselves with an authentic self-care strategy for physio-emotional well-being.

Beneath our limiting beliefs and social programming, I believe we are unique individuals with our own special power and purpose. Sometimes, we just need that extra supportive push to realize it and take actionable steps toward what we desire.

My passion lies in asking big life questions and exploring answers through the clues in our personal and collective wellness experiences. I take pleasure in the disruption of harmful patterns and celebrating people as they do the necessary work to empower themselves. For 5+ years, I’ve helped numerous clients through their healing process using bodywork, meditation, and coaching supported by my background in psychology.

Through study and personal trial, I have come to learn firsthand the power of perception and how it impacts the physical, emotional, and behavioral patterns we live out in every aspect of our lives.

Recognizing these patterns can help us understand our nature and alert us to where we may be blocked. Together we will navigate your own big questions through the lens of being a Highly Sensitive Person and make progress in building a more present and authentic relationship with your Self and the world around you.


Are you ready to transform your life, tap into your personal power, and could use some support and guidance along the way?

I specialize in the embodied well-being of Highly Sensitive People who desire support as they learn to fully process their emotions, embrace their sensitive nature, and empower themselves with an authentic self-care strategy for physio-emotional wellness.

Join the Community

Suppose you identify as or think you may be a Highly Sensitive Person. In that case, I welcome you to join my growing online community, A Safe Space for Sensitives, on Facebook and the Self-Care for Sensitives share cast on Marco Polo. We take time in these spaces to learn how to connect, share and heal with each other in a brave and open space.

Soul Body Circle

We take time to move and drop into our bodies with a specific intention that varies weekly. I will guide you through a mindfulness experience meant to reveal more of your inner story to you. 

The Awkward Aries Podcast

Discussing all topics under the sun as they relate to the different constructs and configurations of identity, personal growth, and the human condition as told through the lens of a Highly Sensitive and of her special guests.