Hello, I’m Brittney – somatic practitioner, spiritual support and highly sensitive person that encourages people to embrace the truth of who they are at every stage. Beneath our limiting beliefs and social programming, I believe we are unique individuals with our own special power and purpose.

My passion lies in the asking of big life questions and exploring the answers through clues in our collective and individual experiences. What does it mean to be human? Why are we here? Why do we suffer? And how do our beliefs shape us? This curiosity is what led me to obtain my Bachelor’s in Psychology and certifications in massage and bodywork, energy healing and yoga which has informed my work with clients over the last 5+ years.

Through study and personal trial, I have come to learn firsthand the power of perception and how it impacts the physical, emotional and behavioral patterns we live out in every aspect of our lives.

Recognizing these patterns can help us understand our nature and alert us to where we may be blocked. It is my work to hold space for you as you navigate through your own big questions and make progress in building a more present and authentic relationship with your Self and the world around you.


Are you looking to make positive changes in your life and could use some supportive guidance to assist you along the way?

I specialize in helping people relate to their sensitivity as a source of intuition and to develop bodily mindfulness as a guide for how to frame an intentional lifestyle that brings joy and fulfillment.


If you identify as a Sensitive or Highly Sensitive Person and in search of support and belonging, I welcome you to join my growing online community on Facebook and Marco Polo. We take time to connect, share, learn and heal with each other in a brave and open space.

The Awkward Aries Podcast

Discussing all topics under the sun as they relate to the different constructs and configurations of identity, person growth, and the human condition. As told through the lens of a Highly Sensitive host and that of her special guests.