You’re Here! Let’s Get Personal.

I think it is safe to assume that none of us are expert life livers – that goes for those marketing millionaires and spiritual gurus on your social media timelines, too. Even those of us who are seemingly put together have closeted skeletons or occasional hiccups and breakdowns. This site serves as a haven for anyone fresh on their spiritual journey or those a bit more studied but could use a little boost along the way. I know it may seem a bit woo-woo to some, but that’s okay! No matter who you are, I hope you find something – if even in its smallest measurement – that helps.

This is sort of a personal blog after all so some entries are your typical message-filled anecdotes. Others are expressions through poetry meant to be interpreted based on what resonates with you. I also share tips through my yoga journey and give guidance with the help of tarot. The function of this site will constantly be expanding as I evolve, so stay tuned! It’s all about sharing who I am and the experiences that contribute to the growth that allows me to help others. Feel free to share and inquire in the comment section. Let’s connect and grow together!